Hardware France has been publishing statistics of the resilience of desktop PCs key components. The statistics include not only brands but also specific models. They have been reviewing graphics cards, operative memory modules, processors, motherboards, hard drives, solid state drives, and power supply units. The following statistic was comprised over a period of time between September 2015 and October 2016. In order to make data more accurate Hardware.fr only considered brands that produced no less than 500 devices (or 100 in certain cases). We will cover the full report over the time concentrating only on motherboard statistics in this post. 

Motherboard statistics 2015-2016

Figures show that among motherboards the most resilient on average were the ones produced by ASRock. Only 1.45% of devices were returned with faults during the warranty period. ASUS and Gigabyte followed with 1.9% and 1.92% correspondingly. MSI had more troubles than the rest. 2.36% of products failed and had to be sent back by users. Considering a specific model, customers returned about 10% of MSI H97I AC motherboards. These are quite a disheartening figures for MSI. It was determined that low-spec motherboards were less likely to fail. For example, ASUS X99 would fail in 4.8% of cases, while ASUS Z170 failed in only 2.71%.


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