There’s no denying the appeal of a Mac: these powerful, well-designed and easy-to-use computers are rightfully coveted. The price tag of investing in brand-new Apple computers puts them out of reach of some of us, however. But there is a handy workaround which will allow you to buy a good-as-new Mac at a much lower price, and that is if it’s a refurbished Apple Mac.

Refurbished computers are used computers that have had parts replaced and software re-installed, so that they function in the same way as a new computer. This is a great option for those looking to save money on Mac products, but make sure you do your research into the source of the refurbished model to make sure that your investment is a sound one.

First of all, you want to establish that the computer you’re buying has been refurbished and tested by a reliable source. Apple has its own official refurbished Mac store and, as you might expect, the prices there are higher than one might pay elsewhere. Outside of Apple, look for a company that has approved knowledge of working with Apple products, and is a specialist in Mac computers.

Second, ensure that the refurbished product comes with a warranty of at least a year, in case any major problems arise. Again, buying from a Mac specialist will help a great deal when it comes to returning the product for repairs.

Take a thorough look over the technical specifications of the refurbished computer, and get an expert to guide you through any aspects you need explained. Refurbished computers won’t necessarily have the same features as brand-new ones, so there’s more to take into account when buying. In some cases you may even end up with features that aren’t available on the official models.

There are great bargains to be had when buying refurbished Macs, but make sure you’re buying from a trusted source and that the machine has the spec you require.

At Bits and PCs, we sell Apple Mac computers that have been refurbished and thoroughly tested, and are provided with a minimum six-month return-to-base warranty. We also provide expert Apple Repairs and computer support at our London store.

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