With the abundance of backup options available it is easy to get lost among them and decide which one to use. However, many business clients of our London IT support centre seem to have determined their favourites. One of them is QNAP, a solution that provided both on-site backup with a dedicated RAID storage device and a off-site cloud storage. For easier file management and monitoring QNAP provides their own operating system, and it just got better.


QTS 4.3.4 is a new release of an operating system for NAS storage solutions. It received a number of improvements including implementation of snapshots. Snapshot is a fast and simple way to backup or restore your data, which is the only efficient protection from some cyber attacks (like encryptors) at the moment. The folders with snapshots can now be easily accessed within seconds.


For storing critical information in a business environment, RAID 50/60 allows to find a balance between usable storage, fail resistance, and productivity in systems with more that 10 drives. PCIe graphic adaptor support enhances media processing. Also, ready modules are provided for implementation NAS solutions on IoT devices.


You can see the full summary on the official website.


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