Philips Hue is a line of LED smart lights. It lets you customise your den with 16 million colours including ambient white. Philips Hue was the first product of its kind. Yet, after 2012 release, 2 more generations followed. Let’s take a closer look at the latest, the 3rd, generation of Hue.


Just like all previous models, 3rd Gen requires a hub to operate, so-called Philips Hue Bridge. The Bridge allows you to control up to 50 lights, and up to 12 additional accessories. Hue supports Apple HomeKit technology and can be controlled by Siri. However, that is not all. Lights can be also controlled through android devices or Amazon Echo and Alexa. Apart from native Philips apps there is a myriad of 3rd party ones to tweak the experience to your liking.


The bulb themselves can produce light up to 700 lumens and with 16 million colours to choose from. Philips Hue can synchronise with your TV, enhancing a movie or gaming experience, or music, turning your room into a dancefloor. Scheduling allows light to turn on and off automatically at certain time. The light can be also controlled from a distance, letting you turn them on or off even if you are not at home.


However, this wireless convenience comes with a warning. It is reported that it does not take expensive equipment to “hack” the lights, so attackers may find a way to control them over the Internet.

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