OS X Yosemite


With all of Apple’s products released recently, they had no choice but to update the software used on all iMac’s and Macbook Pro’s alike.

 This is the second version of OS X since it rebooted last year, built specifically for Retina Mac’s. They have decided to name it Yosemite to stop the problem of using numbers; although, some people may still refer to it as the 10.10 model. This is available for free download to all Mac’s, and includes a lot of new changes from its predecessor.

The most noticeable change is the interface (visually). This new update does to the Mac what iOS 7 did to the iPhone and iPad. The new interface is flatter, though not completely, as there are still drop shadows and other nods to the third dimension. However, now they exist for a reason not to just be visually appealing.


Apple has also concentrated rather heavily on translucency, which allows users to see through system apps such as Mail or Finder. This will also be helpful for those who have a lot of apps open at once.

Apple has now added iCloud drive to the Finder, which is a bonus for users who continually forget to back up their documents. iCloud being what it is, allows users to access their files throughout their entire device.

Spotlight has also seen some updates which will allow it to be able to use a much more system wide search as well as now search things and have Wikipedia, and Bing results show up. The best thing about the new Spotlight would be how neat and clean it looks.

In the Dock the shelf has gone which for many people will be a great bonus, as the Dock has now reverted back to its original format. Despite, this there are number of lost Dock preferences in the Apple menu, for example: to change the magnification or the show/hide you have to now visit the System Preferences.


A new aspect of Yosemite is Dark Mode; this changes some aspects of the OS a darker shade of grey, to make it easier to use your Mac in dark lighting. These are included in Finder menu bar, the Dock and application switcher. 

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