OS X Snow Leopard was first released in 2009. Surprisingly, some of our clients, who seek assistance from our London IT Support, PC and Mac Repair Services, still have it on their devices!


Snow Leopard has not been supported for 2 years already. It had received its last update in 2015, that allowed users to upgrade to the latest OS X, El Capitan. However, it did not have any security updates since September 2013. In order to keep you protected developers of two most popular operating systems (OS), OS X and Windows, release new updates with the frequency between from usually once a week to once a month. Installing those updates is vital as within another week to a month cyber criminals will find another weak spot. In the case of Snow Leopard, cyber criminals were able to exploit the system unrestrained for almost 3 years by now. No proper antivirus or antimalware protection is available. Additionally, there is no support for new Internet browsers, that, again, jeopardise your safety and limit access to many resources.


Of course, you may find few difficulties conjugated with the upgrade to the latest OS. You may find that your Microsoft Office Suite is no longer compatible (2004 and earlier), some Logic plugins (for musicians), iPhoto is no longer supported and now is replaced with Photo (many people complain that it has significantly less functionality than its predecessor), all PowerPC applications, and more. Upgrading to newest applications or finding a replacement for them may cost you hundreds of pounds. However, neglecting security of your data may potentially cost you everything you’ve got. You can check compatibility of your apps at RoaringApps. Perhaps, the upgrade may be absolutely painless with software you use.


Upgrading your OS X is simple. Go to AppStore through Apple logo in the top left corner and download the latest OS X for free. It may take few hours to complete, but requires minimal involvement, few odd clicks now and then. Please, check the official Apple web-site for detailed instructions and additional information. Alternatively, contact us today on 0207 22 11 355 or visit us for assistance.


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