A rather curious device was found on an American public-benefit corporation, Kickstarter. The device is designed for Apple devices and is called Nums.


Presented device is a ultra-thin glass film that is placed on top of the trackpad. The main purpose of this gadget is to add extra functionality to a sensory surface of a trackpad. An additional application needs to be installed in order for it to function.


Nums can imitate a traditional numerical pad. However, this function does not limit device’s capabilities. It is possible to activate a certain work mode or launch apps, including a calculator, by using assigned gestures or tapping on certain areas of the trackpad.


The glass panel, as developers state, possesses a high durability and is scratch-resistant. So it can be seen as an additional protection of an original trackpad as well. Nums’ thickness is just 0,26mm. It is also stated that the symbols etched on its surface will not fade with the time.


In order to launch the project into mass-production, the developers require $50 000, and the amount has to be collected within less than two months. Currently, the device can be purchased for $32 here.


Ultimately, it is a piece of glass film that segments the trackpad. The key element of this project is the app that recognises additional gestures. The software alternatives have been available for a while. Even default Synapsis drivers for Windows have quite an intricate configurations.

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