It was reported that last year $75 billion on security software globally. Yet analysts expect this number to go up by 7% annually. As the number of cyber attacks is constantly rising as well. Have these humongous investments made private sector data and systems any safer? Is customer personal data any safer?

Analysts’ answer is “No.”

Although the security software has advanced lately and is capable of providing a sound protection for businesses and considered to be quite effective, the majority of the cyber attacks reported are to blamed on a human error.

Security software employs different effective strategies to protect your systems. Ones scan for file signatures and looking for the ones that are known to be of a previously reported malicious software. The others monitor program’s behaviour seizing any suspicious activity at its root. Additionally, there are firewalls that filter any unauthorised communication out, email security, data encryption, secure network connections, and etc. All this provides effective protection from any intruders from the outside. Yet the problem is that irresponsible behaviour or neglect if often to blame. For example, analyst Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy reports that many businesses simply do not do as much as they should: technology is available, yet it is scarcely used.

Our personal experience at Bits & PCs, London IT Support and Computer Repair Service, that very few London businesses that we dealt with have taken the matter seriously. They have been lucky enough to avoid any troubles before and that gave them confidence that this luck will continue. The majority of companies have considered some antivirus protection for their systems. However, barely any took any measures to protect the data or train their staff adequately.

Cyber security is in a constant race with cyber criminals.

Most of the times security measures provide protection against already reported offences. Yet cyber criminals are getting more and more advanced as well devising new smart ways to go around existing fences. Unfortunately, there can be no 100% security. But here, at Bits & PCs, we can help you to minimise the risk, supply you with an up-to-date protection, and disaster recovery plans.

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