Do you need to upgrade the drives in your data systems? Nimbus Data releases a family of solid-state drives (SSD) of incredibly high capacity. They are men to replace traditional hard disk drives in data centres. ExtraDrive DC drives come in two sizes, 50TB and 100TB, connect to a system via SATA interface. They use memory controllers developed by the company and were designed with reliability in mind and 3D MLC NAND memory chips produced by SK Hynix. The engineers of Nimbus Data managed to increase the durability of the drives to meet the demands of high-frequency data exchange, however, it comes with a cost of relatively low speed.

Nimbus ExtraDrive DC family has two members, as mentioned above, with a capacity of 50TB and 100TB, SATA interface, 6Gbit/s data transfer speed, and 3,5-inch form factor. The company has plans on adding other members to the family that would use SAS interface, however, at this stage, no concrete information is available on those. As for the productivity, Nimbus Data specifies that available drives have following parameters: serial read/write speed up to 500MB/s and up to 100 000 arbitrary input/output operations per second (IOPS). Devices consume 10W of energy in standby mode and 14W in active mode.

The manufacturer supplies ExtraDrive DC with 5-year unlimited warranty, which it not surprising – with 500MB/s write speed it is impossible to write more than 43,2TB of data a day. Assuming that it will be working full speed uninterrupted, the drive can handle 79PB of data during its lifespan.


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