There’s no denying that Windows 10 users have had their fill of updates since the release of Microsoft’s new operating system back in July this year. When the free update encouraged millions of users to update to the new system, little did they know that a stream of issues related to security, compatibility, and software applications would need them to update their system numerous times before all the issues had been fixed. One of the main issues with these updates is that they are programmed to install automatically, without asking the permission of the user. In addition, lots of users were put off by the fact that Windows 10 would be provided as an automatic update, hidden among a raft of other updates. However, Microsoft have mow finally addressed this issue, and have released a new update that puts the user back in control. Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

This new update is set for Windows 10 Enterprise, Education and Pro users, and allows you to choose which updates you would like your system to automatically install. You can also defer your updates for a period of up to eight months, if you so wish, meaning that you have full control over both what updates are installed, and when they are installed. Users will be able to distinguish between ‘updates’, which means system patches and software updates, and ‘upgrades’, which are wholesale upgrades to the Windows 10 system. However, for other Windows 10 users, meaning those not using the Enterprise, Education or Pro versions, updates are still automatic and cannot be deferred, cancelled, or altered in this way. So why is this?

Jeremy Korst, the General Manager of Microsoft’s Windows and Devices team, said that this for the customer’s own good, as it means they will always have the most up to date, secure system possible. However, this could causes issues for some business users, who may want to back up their systems before upgrading.

If your business is using Windows 10 and you are worried about how these automatic updates might affect you, contacts us today to find out how our services related to computer IT support London could help you.

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