Although mobile devices are not what we normally deal with in our laptop repair service, London, we believe it is our duty to keep you updated on cyber security. ESET registered a new cyber attack. This time Android devices are under a siege.


The criminals spread a malicious program, Android/TrojanDownloader.Agent.JI. This trojan is designed to download and install other malware, including fake apps for online banking to steal money from the victim.


This program is spread through websites and social networks disguising as an update for Adobe Flash Player. Having found its way to a device the malware appears on the list of services as Saving Battery. The trojan that asks a user to grant it permissions to the system. After getting the permissions the app establishes a contact with remote server and downloads other malware.


How do I check for this malware?


The first sign of infection is the appearance of a new service, Saving Battery, in Accessibility menu. With current settings, the program is setup for downloading and installing fake apps for online banking. However, specialists note that it can be easily reconfigured by the thieves to download and install spyware and ransomware.


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