Apple is organising an event on the 27th of October, which is precisely in one week’s time. The rumour has it that new Mac products are to be announced.

New Mac products to be announced

Apple has already released their new iPhone and operating system, macOS Sierra. So people expect new descendants of Mac family, MacBook, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro, etc., to arrive shortly. This announcement will be also a great tactical move. As Apple’s timely release of updates to the lineup will allow having the new products on sale for the full holiday season.


For a long time, Apple forwent any significant changes  or improvements in Mac lineup. Consequently, as experts claim, many people tend to purchase Apple products only if it is an absolute necessity. Possibly, people halt the purchase on a Mac until new models are actually released. Some devices are still present in Apple store that have been produced and sold unchanged for four years already. Apple Mac Pro, for example, has not been updated for almost three years. Yet, Apple refuses to comment these rumours.

Apple Special Event is being actively advertised. It will be possible to watch the event live at 5 PM (GMT) on the 27th of October. You too want to treat yourself with new Mac? Sell your Mac to Bits and PCs and get a new one.

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