Intel Core i7-7700K, the first benchmark results are available

Intel Core i7-7700K hasn’t been released yet. Intel plans to release new i7 series processors later on this year. Virtually no official information is available on it. However, recently, its first benchmark results were spotted on Geekbench database.  Intel’s 7th generation of processors goes under the codename Kaby Lake. It will be the last x86 processors to use the 14nm technology. Intel switches to 10nm technology on their Cannonlake processors.

Even though, Geekbench benchmark tool may not be the most reliable. Multi-core processors Core i7-6700K may get from 11 000 to 22 000 of points. With such variations between the results, we cannot account for Geekbench as an objective testing platform. Yet, it may shed some light on Intel Core i7-7700K.


The results presented specify that Intel Core i7-7700K was tested on GIGABYTE motherboard with Z270X chipset. The processor earned 6131 points on a single core and 20 243 points on multicore productivity testing. Overall, it suggests 20-40% higher performance than i7-7700K’s predecessor, i7-6700K. However, we must take into account that test results are rather unreliable. Also, testing conditions and testing frequency was different.

The hopes for 40% improvement in productivity are bleak. Yet, the facts that we can be sure of that Intel Core i7-7700K will potentially give out pretty good results. With base frequency 4,2 GHz, the processor you easily overclock the processor up to 4,7-5 GHz using systems of liquid cooling.


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