Almost every parent who visited Bits and PCs, London Mac and laptop repair service, asked us how can they have more control over their child’s use of laptops and smartphones. Well, Google is about to present a solution for smartphone users.

In order to ease parents’ life, Google is developing a new feature to control children’s use of their Android devices, phones and tablets. The feature is called Family Link. To enable it, a parent has to create a new Google account for his child through their own account and then enter corresponding details into a device that parent wants to control.


After this simple configuration, parent gains a limited control over child’s device. They can choose to block and prevent from downloading certain applications on the smartphone. Additionally, they can see statistics of usage of all apps on the phone on the weekly or monthly basis. Parents can set up a schedule to lock device during the night, so the child goes to bed in time, or, alternatively, set up an amount of hours the child can use the device for during the day.


At the moment the app only available in the US, only through invitations, and only for those parents whose children are under 13. The feature is still under development but will be publicly available soon.


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