Not only are Apple releasing updated iMac’s and iPad’s but they are set to release a new gadget; the Apple Watch in early 2015. The reason for them releasing this information so early is probably to make sure customers will not buy a Samsung, LG or Moto 360 instead for the run up to Christmas.

 The watch is coming in six different versions, the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition, and each of these will come in two different sizes (those who like smaller or larger devices for their wrist). The larger watch is 42mm high whereas the other is 38mm.

The watch seem to be a cross over between an iPhone 6 and the iPod Nano being a bit on the chunky side of things. However, it is rounded at the sides and has a slightly curved back. There is a dial at the side of the watch (the Digital Crown). This is used to zoom in on interface elements and scroll though content without having to swipe across the screen, and obscuring the view. The Digital Crown appears to be the same as the home button on an iPhone, as you can press it to return to the home screen.



There is also another button on beside/below the Digital Crown that takes you to the home screen and the Friends app which allows you to contact your friends. Additionally this button is used to pay for things on Apple Pay. To use Apple Pay you double click this button and hold up your watch to a payment reader. This is possible as Apple have included an NFC chip and a “Secure Element” chip that stores confidential information about your credit and debit cards.

For added security: if you take the Apple Watch off, it’ll lock and require a code before you can purchase anything. Apparently the watch’s rear sensor can tell if the watch is being worn and you need to enter a PIN when you put it on before you can use it. Thieves who don’t know your code won’t be able to use the watch.

However, you do not just have to use the Digital Crown to navigate the watch you can swipe across the screen if you wish and this works by Apple’s new Force Touch. The Force Touch is said to be able to distinguish between a regular tap to select things and a harder press used when browsing through the menus.



Although, you will not be the only one doing the tapping with Apple’s new Taptic feedback, which allows the watch to ‘tap’ your wrist to alert you of a notification or which way to turn when following directions.

The final new feature for the Apple Watch is the Digital Touch which is a quick way of contacting your friends via their Apple Watches. The Digital Touch allows you to draw on the face of the watch and send that to your friend, you can also hold down to fingers in the Digital Touch to send your heartbeat! (Maybe Apple hopes people will buy his and her watches for Valentines?

 The Watch does also include all the other features of Apple products such as Siri and Apps. With Siri on the Apple Watch you can either hold the watch up to your face and say “Hey, Siri” or press and hold the Digital Crown to active Siri. The apps that are on the watch are some of the essential apps shrunk down to Apple’s new ‘Glance’. These apps are: Messages, Mail, Weather, Calendar, Maps, Passbook, Music, Photos, and more we expect. There are a few apps that Apple doesn’t appear to be translating to this interface, Safari is notably absent.

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