Mozilla releases the 57th version of its web-browser, which goes under the codename Firefox Quantum. This release, unlike the others, gets a special name to highlight the drastic improvements that were made to make surfing the web even more convenient. And indeed, there is a ton of improvements.


The first thing that catches your attention is the new visual style. The developers describe it as modern, clear, unified and optimised for touch-screens and mobile devices. The second point is less obvious because it cannot be seen, but you will feel it right away after you start using Firefox Quantum – it is reworked engine. The engine is designed to use the full advantage of multi-core processing. The company claims that the new browser has a twofold speed improvement in comparison with the last year’s version. In terms of rendering web-pages, it easily beats the main rival, Google Chrome.


Additionally, the browser is optimised to work with tens and even hundreds of open tabs. The developers claim, that switching between them is faster than ever before. Here Quantum beats Chrome once again: the new memory management system utilises 30% fewer resources than the competitor.  


The other improvements include optimises address bar, settings, and new page tab. Integrated AMD VP9 video codec enhances video playback using lesser resources. Security also isn’t overlooked, from now on only WebExtension API extension are allowed.


Firefox Quantum is a free Internet browser and can be downloaded from the official website. If you have any questions or difficulties you can get a free advice locally, central London IT support.  

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