Microsoft announced a portable computer Surface Laptop, that is aimed at the education sector. A strange choice, hence, the most popular laptop among students is Chromebook mainly due to its low price. Microsoft Surface Laptop with its £1000 price tag (for basic configuration) will have a hard time becoming a “killer” of Chromebooks. However, Bloomberg states, that Microsoft probably targets higher education students, who prefer Apple MacBooks at the moment.


Surface Laptop became the first “classic” notebook (without a detachable keyboard). The device carries Intel i5 or i7 processors (customisable). The maximum amount of memory is 16GB. Solid state hard drive space is up to 1TB.


The product looks very promising, however, we did notice some potential problems with it. Keyboard/palm rest area has synthetic fabric finish, the same that Surface tablets do. So if you are not the tidiest person, be aware that these things do accumulate dirt over time. But unlike with the tablet predecessor, replacement of the keyboard in Surface Laptop won’t be an easy task.


The device comes with Windows 10 S, which is a “lighter” version of Windows 10. The major drawback of which is that it cannot run any executable files. On one hand, it does improve safety of the device greatly. On the other hand, you won’t be able to install any third-party software such as Chrome or Firefox. Luckily, the upgrade to Windows 10 Pro is free during the first year.


Tired of Mac and want to switch to Windows laptop? Microsoft presents a nice alternative to a MacBook Pro. Sell your Mac here and go for it.

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