Microsoft releases a new preview version of Windows 10 improving visual appearance, gaming features, task manager, mixed reality, and delivery optimisation. It is a preview version of a 7th build, Fall Creators Update, that is going to be released in this September.


Visual improvement Microsoft suggests is very insignificant. Yet, they begin with “We’ve heard your feedback”, so apparently, some people complained. Acrylic Material (this blurry background of windows and start menu) was refined and not the noise layer is softer. As it is can be seen in the picture… after a very intensive examination.


Some gaming improvements include fixing issues with Xbox Live profile cards and crashing Game bar while broadcasting.


Task Manager received a much bigger addition. Now there is GPU section in performance tab. It shows the name of GPU and multi-engine view. The multi-engine allows you to monitor an activity of the 4 most active GPU engines: 3D, Copy, Video Encode, and Video Decode. Also, shared GPU memory usage graph is included.


Mixed Reality improvements include partial support for Motion Controllers, connection reliability, 4K gaming, and overall stability.


Finally, delivery optimisation gives you more control on how updates and apps are delivered to your computer. P2P technology can be now switched on or off. Download speeds are increased. More controls are available in Advanced options of Windows Update.

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