There wasn’t a person with Microsoft Surface Pro 3 device in our London Mac and PC Repair service, who would not shed some tears over this investment. People alway complained about the performance, keyboard, responsiveness, but most of all battery. Because it was impossible to use Surface Pro 3 without a power cord being constantly plugged in.


Using Surface Pro 3 on a battery was barely impossible.

Multiple users have complained about battery issue in Surface Pro 3. Consequently, Microsoft officially acknowledged it in July. They have confirmed that short battery life is not a fault in accumulators, the actual problem lies in firmware. The firmware prevented the device from charging fully. Is it was detected, that at some point of charging operating system would try to obtain some information about battery status. Seems like this enquiry would for some reason stop the battery from charging.


Microsoft finds the solution.

Yet we did not have to wait too long. Just a couple of days ago Microsoft released an update that resolves the issue. The new firmware update allows the battery to charge to its full capacity. Therefore, after a few complete load cycles, the battery regains its ability to hold the charge and Surface Pro 3 becomes usable. You do not have to keep the device plugged in all the time anymore.


In order to get this update, you will not need to do anything excessively complicated. It made available through Microsoft Update system. Just go into Settings > Update & security > Windows Update, select Check for updates, and all the latest updates will be installed on your device automatically. You may need to restart your device to complete the update.

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