Microsoft purchased a cyber security startup, Haxadite, for about $100mln. The information became available through Israel business news portal, Calcalist. Even though Microsoft itself have made no announcements yet, the news portal has a steady reputation and, hence, the information is very likely to be true.


Hexadite was founded in 2014 and was its main development targeted identification and rectification of hackers’ intervention. The technology is closely tied to existing systems of intrusion detection. However, it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse consequences of intervention. The service receives notifications from different sources, which help it to manage and prioritise potential threats.


The last year, Hexadite received some positive attention and with it about $10 mln funding. The interested companies were Hewlett-Packard Ventures, Ten Eleven Ventures, and YL Ventures and other investors.


On the other hand, Microsoft has already bought a number of cloud services devised to fight cyber crime. In 2015 Bill Gate’s creation acquired Israel-based cyber security company Secure Islands, invested in another Israeli cyber security firm Team8. Additionally, it offered another $60mln for CLouyn, cloud monitoring startup.


Evidently, Microsoft focuses a lot of attention on cloud services and cyber security. A very sensible choice for a company that already offers a wide selection of cloud computing and enterprise solutions.

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