When it comes to novelties quite often a natural reaction of many would be – get rid of it, I have just got used to the old way, I won’t even going to look at it. Perhaps, Microsoft had this in mind when they designed Edge. Microsoft Edge is, literally, impossible to delete, even if you really wanted to. This latest Microsoft’s Internet browser is not such a novelty. It has been around for over a year. Yet, many people, especially those who never liked Internet Explorer, still have a vague idea about what it is. We hope that this review inspires some courage to finally try it out.

Performance and Design

Benchmarks demonstrate that Edge has nothing to impress. Yet it does not lag behind the top Internet browsers like Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. Its design allows accessing bookmarks, history, settings, and anything you might think of fairly easily, thanks to dedicated buttons. Yet it has been stripped down to the bare minimum. Edge’s minimalistic and blocky design will find a lot of who’d love it, as well as those who’d absolutely hate it. Minimalistic yet not compact – Edge’s address bar and tab bar alone occupy more space than tab bar, address bar, and bookmarks bar in Chrome combined.

Once you got into settings you might be surprised how little you can customise. Yet it covers the essentials. Microsoft Edge has embedded share option. Yet it only shares it with some Microsoft Store apps. Surprisingly, even Skype is not on that list. The same minimalistic approach touches even right-click menu. The options you are offered are scanty. How am I supposed to work with that? – “Ask Cortana”; this option is available most of the times. Apparently, Microsoft does not like spoiling its users with choice


There must be something good about Edge? – you may ask. Be patient; there is. Microsoft Edge is far more superior than its predecessor, Internet Explorer, in terms of security. Edge is not just an improved version of IE, but the entirely new browser. Its new clean code that has no ActiveX, browser helper objects, or VBScript support minimises security risks. Additionally, Edge runs in a sandbox, just as nearly every Windows Store app does. This means browser processes are isolated from the rest of the system, so site code can’t mess with the rest of your PC’s operation and other programs.

If you’d like to find out more about Edge and or any other aspect of Windows 10, feel free to get in touch with us today. We offer IT support in London and we’ll eagerly help you.

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