In May 2016 Microsoft and SAP declared a beginning of a big-scale integration of their products. Back then Microsoft Azure received an SAP HANA support and Microsoft Office 365 became an indispensable part of same SAP software packages. However, recently these two IT giants announced about the expansion of their collaboration on the market of cloud solutions. The companies united for the development of new solutions, single client support, and deeper integration of cloud services of each other. 

Before Microsoft was only able to use ole SAP platform for data processing. As a result of this agreement, Microsoft gets and access to the newest SAP S/4Hana platform for its key functions in financial planning. On the other hand, SAP gets a chance to locate few of critically important internal financial systems in cloud infrastructure Microsoft Azure.

Both companies are going to document their internal projects on the migration of the services. In the future, they will be able to share that information with their clients who decide to develop and use SAP software packages in Azure.

Above all, the partners are going to promote each other in the corporate sector. For this purpose, specifically, cloud service SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud will be integrated with Microsoft Azure, which allows the clients to launch SAP S/4HANA in a safe managed cloud.

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