During WWDC 2017 Apple announced that Sierra is getting long promised updates. Few things that were promised before Sierra’s original release had to be postponed, but luckily not abandoned. Apple File System (APFS) will finally see the daylight in the new release, which was named High Sierra. Developers have already been given the access to beta-version of macOS, while ordinary users will have to wait until its full release sometime this fall. As usual, the new release will be made available as a free upgrade through the App Store.

We have previously written about APFS and it appears that nothing else can be added. Apple promise increased productivity, better file and folder management, optimisation for large capacity storage, and more. New Mac will be supplied with APFS by default. Yet, current users will have to reformat their drives manually. Nevertheless, Sierra High will be still compatible with old file system HFS, so there is no acute need to format your drives yet. In any case, London Mac Repair centre, Bits and PCs, is always at your service.

There is a number of media improvements: built-in HEVC (h.265) video format support, API Metal 2, virtual reality and external graphic card support. Apple also promised that Final Cut Pro will be getting functionality to import, edit, and export 360-degree video. Another delighting feature was given to Safari, not you can turn off automatic audio and video playback.

The detailed presentation can be found on Apple’s official web-site.

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