Apple adopts Microsoft’s strategy and downloads the new operating system automatically. Providing that the automatic updates are enabled and the system has enough free space, the system downloads the new macOS Sierra without asking for the user’s consent. The download happens in the background without interrupting your workflow.

Unlike Microsoft

Apple employs a lot more considerate approach. It is important to note, that Mac OS downloads the new operating system, but does not install it. The system notifies you on the successful completion of download and suggests you proceed with installation at your convenience.

Additionally, not every computer receives the upgrade. It only happens if your computer meets the specifications for macOS Sierra. There is a hope that the generous gift to your dear grandmother 7 years ago won’t cause her another neurosis.

Space on your hard drive should not be an issue as well. As we mentioned, the download happens only if there is enough space. Moreover, if the upgrade has already successfully nested somewhere on your hard drive but then you decided to download all seasons of Game of Thrones and spend this gloomy weekend procrastinating in apathy, the system deletes the upgrade if it detects the lack of available space.

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