The rumors that Microsoft is about to release Windows 10 Cloud were around for several months already. As suggested, Windows 10 Cloud is going to compete with Google Chrome OS and become a lightweight operating system (OS) like such. In February, enthusiasts even got hold of an early test build of this OS. Nevertheless, Microsoft is keeping its mouth shut and shares no information about the project. Regardless, new information about Windows 10 Cloud appears online now and then. For example, recently online news portal Windows Central published a document, that leaked from internal sources, containing system requirements for the system.


According to the screenshot, Windows 10 cloud requires quad-core processor (Intel Celeron or better), 4GB RAM, 32GB eMMC or SSD storage (64GB for 64-bit system), rechargeable battery with the capacity of 40Whr, and optionally touchscreen or stylus support.


It is expected, that Microsoft will announce Windows 10 Cloud at the event organised by the company on the 2nd of May in New York. Hashtag #MicrosoftEDU and the title “Learn what’s next” written on a teaser poster suggest that the event could be dedicated to the educational sector. Additionally, it is expected that Microsoft’s CloudBook, which is built for new OS will be presented at the event as well.


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