Kaspersky Labs rings a bell and beats the gong warning that intensity of cybercrime is on the rise. It was reported, that manufacturing companies experience a high level of phishing attacks. Only within 3 months, 500 companies in over 50 countries were attacked. Industrial concerns exceeded 80% of those victims.


Phishing emails were composed in the way that receivers accounted them as a legitimate. The messages appeared to be sent from business partners, delivery services, suppliers, and even from the company they worked for. In those emails, a person would be urged to check the balance, confirm the prices for certain products, receive a delivery for an invoice, etc. Believing that emails came from a trusted source, company workers would open an infected attachment. The attachments contained spyware, keyloggers, and hidden remote control apps.


Additionally, the specialists detected that the majority of domain names used in those attacks was registered in Nigeria. After spotting a potential victim, the attackers would register a domain name that would closely imitate a real name of a company and company’s partner. Starting a conversation directed towards both end, they would manage to get some specific information from either, which would be later used as a bait for one or both of them.


As a result of such attack, a company not only risks financial losses. Cyber criminals may gain an access to the internal networks, which is could have unpredictable consequences for a company. Check what Bits and PCs, London  IT support, can offer you to protect yourself.


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