Kaspersky Lab released a mobile app to fight frauds

Kaspersky Lab developed a mobile app, Kaspersky Who Calls, for both Android and iOS, that is meant to protect users from spam and fraudsters.


Kaspersky Who Calls is able to determine *drum roll* who calls, automatically recognising the number of the caller. The app is able to “intercept” an incoming call. Thanks to that, the user does not just see the random string of numbers, which is someone’s phone number, but a notification describing the caller. The information may include a name of an organisation, the nature of their activity, and information about their reputation. Being in possession of such details the user can make an informed decision of whether the call must be answered or not.


The application can be configured to either give you notifications and warnings or decline suspicious calls automatically, saving you from intrusion into your personal space. The accuracy of the system of recognition unknown and anonymous calls is constantly improving, with the central database being regularly updated. Also, the user is given an option to report numbers and, hence, to take active participation in the improvement of the system.


Kaspersky Who Calls is distributed for free and is available in both Google Play and App Store.

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