It might seem like a big step to migrate to cloud storage, but it could be the smartest move you ever make. Your memories, pictures and files are priceless. If you lose your phone or laptop, or if a hard drive fails, you can lose so much of your life. So migrating to the cloud could be the best thing you can do to protect your digital files. While setting up some personal cloud storage might seem like a scary step, the cloud is becoming more accessible and almost everyone can justify using it these days.

Not just for businesses

While it was once the preserve of big business, cloud storage is increasingly aimed at the consumer and you’ll easily find a package that suits your needs. You can even buy home devices that provide a simple hard drive, with integrated cloud support. So if you’re a selfie addict with 1 million pictures to store, or you just want to safeguard a few precious memories, there’s a package for you.

Protection for your data

Why would you do it? It’s simple, cloud storage companies simply can’t lose your data. It would be very bad for business, so the reputable ones run from climate-controlled and largely bombproof data centres that are built with one thing in mind: protecting every byte of data and backing up where necessary. So you’re paying for a little cloud storage, but the chances are that at any one time there are multiple backups that can restore your data at the flick of a highly advanced switch.

So if you’ve ever experienced the pain of a phone disappearing and taking your precious memories with it, or a hard drive giving you the ominous click of death before giving up the ghost and taking your wedding album to the technical graveyard, you might want to consider cloud storage. Of course, if the worst happens, you can always source computer support in London, but with cloud storage, you get another layer of protection, and peace of mind.

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