iPad Pro boosts productivity and creativity

While there was much mirth about Apple blatantly copying Microsoft’s Surface Pro with its new iPad Pro, the reality is that the notebook and tablet market has evolved since the launch of the original iPad. Productivity users now expect keyboards and pen technology to work with their tablets – otherwise they are simply consumption devices.

While the iPad Pro may be a pricey addition (starting from $799/£515) to the Apple’s tablet line, the devices do open up more opportunities for workers, thanks to these new accessories. The tablet itself makes working more practical due to the huge 12.9-inch, 2732 x 2048 pixel screen, ideal for large office documents and applications, and multitasking across several apps.

The new Apple iPad Pro Smart Keyboard was announced with a $169 (around £110) price tag. It provides a functional keyboard and rest for the iPad Pro with the smart power connector saving the keyboard from needing batteries or a Bluetooth connection. Early hands-on reviews suggest that the Smart Keyboard is perfectly acceptable for brief bursts of typing, although it is unlikely to be comfortable to use on your lap.

The Apple Pencil will cost $99 (around £60) and looks like an artist’s delight. It brings the creativity of often hugely expensive tablet/pen desktop devices to the iPad and will further endear Apple to designers and creative types.

These devices will be available in the UK in November. They, and the rush of third-party accessories that will make use of the iPad Pro’s connector, should make the iPad more than welcome in many businesses.

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So, yes, Apple has rather obviously taken inspiration from Microsoft’s Surface, and other tablet innovations. However, by adding its own design and functionality touches, it has moved the bar forward for how useful and productive a tablet can be. All of which is great news for creatives and executives who want amazing power without lugging a hefty laptop around.

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