It appears that Intel processors become more popular than AMD among home users. This assumption is based on sale statistics provided by one of the biggest online store in Germany, The data demonstrates the uprisal. AMD Ryzen was a huge success after its release throughout the year, but now Intel is taking back the position of a leader.

When AMD released Ryzen processors, Intel occupied leading 64,4 of the sales, while only 35,6% belonged to AMD. The situation started changing in the middle of 2017 and by the end of the summer AMD took the lead both in quantities of sales and profits. It was the first time in many years when AMD presented something that was actually able to compete with Intel. Ryzen flagman had twice the amount of cores than Intel’s Core i7-7700K solution. Moreover, AMD’s new processor family was based on a platform that will be supported on the systems of the future, while Intel used the platform that is soon to be discontinued.

In a way, Intel allowed this to happen with the release of Kaby Lake family. It offered very little advantage in comparison with the previous release, so many users decided that upgrade from Intel wasn’t worth it and selected the alternative. However, the company learned its lesson and the latest processor family, Coffee Lake really makes a difference. Additional cores and attractive prices allowed Intel to regain the dominance quickly in January 2018.

Yet, we do not advice rushing into replacing your systems. AMD is yet to announce the new generation of processors Ryzen 2000 with Zen+ architecture. Especially taking into account that Ryzen 2000 will be compatible with the AM4 motherboard, if you have it already, upgrading your computer this year will be as painless as possible.  

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