HP introduced an interesting device – EliteDisplay S14. It is claimed that this is the world’s first solution of such type, a portable 14-inch screen with a USB Type-C connection. The USB port serves as both data connection (that receives the image to display) and a power supply (no external power supply needed). Everything a user has to do to make it work is to plug it in a USB Type-C port.

The screen utilises IPS LCD matrix, the standard that many professionals who deal with photo and video prefer. This standard allows wide viewing angles, here it is 178 degrees horizontally and vertically, and more accurate colour representation. The resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels, which corresponds to a Full HD format. The brightness of the display is 220 cd/m2, its contrast is 700:1, the refresh rate is 60 GHz, and response time 5ms. The dimensions of S14 are 328 x 210 x 8.6 and its weight is 998 g, which is surprisingly heavy for its size.

HP EliteDisplay S14 is designed to be used primarily with notebooks. As a portable device, it has a protective cover, which folds and acts as a stand when you need to use it. The screen will appear on the market in July of this year with a price tag of approximately £200.



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