On 21st October 2015, internationally renowned computer companies Dell Inc. and the Microsoft Corporation unveiled the Dell Hybrid Cloud System (DHCS) for Microsoft; a forward-thinking new program that will enable both small businesses and large corporations to utilise the Microsoft cloud platform.

This innovative new system will be built upon optimised Dell modular infrastructure with pre-configured Microsoft Cloud Platform System (CPS) software, including the tried and tested Microsoft software stack as well as numerous Azure services. In this manner, DHCS for Microsoft looks set to revolutionise hybrid cloud migration by enabling companies of all shapes and sizes to benefit from rapid and efficient cloud computing solutions without the complexities and expenditures often associated with hybrid cloud platforms. Speaking about the potential computer support for London and international organisations that this DHCS for Microsoft could provide, Michael Dell, CEO for Dell Inc. publicly stated that;

“Digital transformation is an imperative for business today, and we are making our customers’ journey easier and faster through adoption of hybrid cloud…Dell shares a vision with Microsoft that open architectures and simplified cloud management will benefit customers of all sizes, freeing them to focus on their businesses and not their technology”.

Indeed, as Satya Nadella, CEO for the Microsoft Corporation advocates;

“A core part of our mission to empower every organisation on the planet requires us to build world-class platforms and forge deeper partnerships that help businesses of all sizes transform with digital technology…By expanding our longstanding partnership with Dell to offer a truly integrated hybrid cloud, we will make the cloud more accessible to organisations of all sizes with the choice and flexibility to best meet their needs”.

After all, one of the main issues with hybrid cloud migration in recent years has been the amount of downtime that companies must dedicate to application integration and patch management while they migrate to a cloud computing system. However, the new DHCS system resolves this issue by equipping businesses with a co-engineered hybrid solution that can be deployed within just three hours.

Moreover, Dell have also facilitated a Service Level Agreement (SLA) service which provides a singular point of contact. This will actively help companies to streamline problem resolution processes and accountability. Ultimately, this high level of professional computer support for London and internationally based organisations could have a significant impact on the amount of small businesses and large corporations that migrate their existing systems to the cloud in the coming years.

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