Google One – new cloud storage with family access and more

Google changes price plans for cloud storage services. The company added a new 200GB option for $2.99, reduced the cost of 2TB plan from $19.99 to $9.99, and abandoned 1TB option altogether. These changes and some others come under a new name for Google Drive, which is going to change to Google One.

One of the new features of Google One is that, when it becomes available, you’ll be able to share the cloud storage with your family members – up to five people. A possible explanation of the new name is yet another new option – a technical support will be available regarding all google consumer products with a single click of a button. Tech support does not require any additional payment, it will be included in a monthly plan, including the cheapest, $1.99 for 100GB. You will be able to contact a technician via chat, phone, or email. Though these options will not be the same among all counties, the company expressed its dedication to making this service widely available.

Additionally, Google plans to release a mobile app, which will allow more control over the services you receive. Google Drive was a service that our London IT support clients chose for home and even small business backups and shared data storages, we expect that Google One will only get better with new changes.

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