Google Home is a voice-activated smart speaker device. It was released in November 2016 in the US, but have not made it yet to the UK. However, if you are looking to enhance your home with smart capabilities, there is one more device to consider, because Google Home is coming.


You probably heard about Alexa and Amazon Echo. Well. in a nutshell, Google Home is the same thing. Both devices can control other smart things in your home, stream music and films, look up information online, assist you with shopping, and serve as an organiser to some extent. What Amazon Echo cannot yet do is maintain a two-way conversation. Not only Google Home is better at finding things and answering complex questions, it also keeps a history or your enquiries, which help you to maintain a more natural conversation with the device. Google even employed writers from different places, including Pixar, to build a personality into the assistant. It is believed, that Google Home is able to build an emotional rapport with an owner.


As with all new products, you may expect some difficulties with the device. Surprisingly, Google Home is not yet fully integrated many Google features. For example, it cannot send a message to a person from your contacts, or it won’t work properly with Google Calendar. Nevertheless, the updates are frequently released and the assistant becomes better with every day. The advent of the device to the UK is scheduled for the second quarter this year, between now and June. Hopefully, by that time they will considerably improve it.

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