Google is about to solve one of the biggest problems for smart-speakers. The problem is that they work with only one account. According to Android Police, it was detected in the last update for Google Home had some interesting features that may be a precursor to the cornerstone of smart-speakers of the future. Embedded into the code were found, mentionings of a voice-recognition device that is able to distinguish not only what person says, but who says it. This suggests that Google Home may gain multi-account support, where accounts are associated with person’s voice. It includes some learning algorithms, suggesting that device can learn to distinguish different people talking naturally.


When asked by journalists, Google representatives eluded a direct answer, saying that Google Home is a constantly developing project and they are trying new things out. However, they refused to share any concrete details.


It is very unlikely that Google, as many other smart-speaker developers, does not work on a solution to this problem.  Limitation of smart-speakers to a single account is one of the biggest problems of the devices alike. At the moment, all the noteworthy producers allow only one account per device. For example, if your partner decides to make an appointment in the calendar, it will go into your calendar if you set up the device.


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