ESET, a Slovak IT security company, and Google decided to work in partnership to protect Internet users from malware and cyber attacks. As specialists confirm, modern cyber attacks become more complex and it is increasingly difficult to detect them. Even visiting something that at the first glance resembles a harmless website can lead to infection of a computer and the most frustrating consequences.

In order to counteract the dangers of the Web, ESET and Google introduced a special antivirus tool for Google Chrome. It is called Chrome Cleanup and at the moment is available only for Windows versions. The detection algorithm is developed around Google’s regulations on safe software. This tool detects potential threats and informs the user about their presence. The users then can choose to remove the threat.

Chrome Cleanup is a background service and is virtually invisible. It does not interfere with the operations or require attention until the threat is detected. When the dangerous software is detected the pop-up window, as illustrated above, appears and after the recommended action you can forget about it.

According to Net Applications, Google Chrome is the most popular Internet browser at the moment among PC users. By the end of September, 59,6% of PC users in the entire world was using Chrome as their main Internet browser.

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