We often recommend using G Suite to our small business IT Support clients in London. It’s free, easy to use, and hardly less capable than a £80 Microsoft Office package. So recently Google re-worked its mail client adding new features (as confidential mode when sending mail) and changing its design. The similar transformation awaited G Suit (Google Drive) and now it is here. The update is purely cosmetic and does not affect any functionality of the service; only colours, a location of buttons and different elements was changed.

Google says that these changes were introduced to match new Gmail’s visual style, which they call Material Design. Material Design is a concept that Google itself struggles to explain (watch the official video from Google), but supposedly it should enhance the user-device interaction and make digital manipulation of objects more natural. Specifically, the changes affected Google Drive logo, the buttons for settings and help were moved to the same lane as the search bar, page background became grayish, fonts and few other buttons were also changed.

Google noted that this new design is already available to corporate clients, but the rest of the people will not have to wait for long either. For those who dislike changes in design and prefer something they are used to, Gmail kept “Classic” arrangement. Let’s hope “Classic” will be available for G Suit too.

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