Many interesting things were presented on Google Developer Days, global events exhibiting the latest products from Google. During one of the presentations, the company showed that their virtual assistant got even smarter. Google Assistant now works much better with context. Due to this improvement, it can answer more complex questions and be quite useful for travellers.


The improvement that attracted the most attention was new translator mode. In this mode Google Assistant translates your spoken words into a selected language and says the translation. The company was working on this option already for quite a while, however, it became suitable for real-life situations only recently.  


Apart from that, general speech recognition improved drastically. The speed of replies increased. Google Assistant is now able to answer questions like “What is that movie with <…> where he <…>?” It also remembers what user asked before and provides answers related his or her previous inquiries. For example, when a person who previously asked about a football game asks Google Assistant to show a picture of Thomas, the assistant shows a photo of a football player with this name, rather than of Thomas the Tank Engine, even though the second is generally sought more often by other people.


The majority of the feature shown are available to the users already. However, some of them are going throug a final stage of development and will be available in the near future.

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