Not so long ago, Google joined the Coalition for Better Ads. And now it is actively fighting for a better Internet and new standard of advertisement.


In this uneven fight with omnipresent evil, Google starts with its own ship. The first step will be an ad-blocker built in Chrome in the beginning of 2018. It will be aimed to low-quality advertisements, such as full-screen pop-ups, ads with abrupt sounds, and flashing messages.The filtering will be rather harsh: if at least one advert does not comply with established standards, no ads will be shown at all.


If you think that Google is trying to eliminate competition, you are wrong. A number of measures are directed on Google’s own activity. For example, Google forbade to show its notifications on the websites with more than 3 popups, and, quite recently, to use Google ads in the windows that are being opened in the background.


The company believes that better advertisement will prevent people from using 3rd-party ad-blockers, that hide all ads indiscriminately.

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