Get the best value from your old Mac

Most Mac users love their systems, which can make it a tricky proposition when it comes to upgrading. You’ll know your system is coming to the end of its life when it’s no longer compatible with the latest version of OS X, or is simply not as nimble as it used to be. If your old system is starting to show its age, or you have a faulty one, we can help with either a repair, upgrade or a second-hand replacement.

If your Mac is starting to stutter, or its battery life is getting shorter, a newer model will provide more storage, improved processor speeds and a more responsive experience. If you want a newer Mac but can’t afford Apple’s pricy latest models, then we offer recent edition, faster MacBooks or desktop models for a lot less than a new machine. And recent Macs will easily be able to run the new Windows 10 operating system if you want to give that a try, without swapping sides.

We provide Apple (and Windows PC) repairs in London, our Mac experts can restore an ageing Mac or repair a damaged system, from a faulty logic board to a fried hard drive, or a troublesome OS. We can also upgrade the memory, or install a fast and silent solid state drive for improved performance. We can also upgrade your version of OS X, if compatible with your model, to the latest one for a better user experience and new features.

Our site lets you compare products to find the ideal one for you, and we get new stock in a regular basis, so keep checking back to see what we can provide. If you’re looking for an additional Mac as a family system or an educational computer for a son or daughter, a second hand model is an excellent investment, and one that will last longer than a typical new PC. We accept PayPal and all machines come with a six month warranty. Our site provides detailed information on our models, including the specification and generation, plus year of build, so you know what version of Apple’s frequently updated range you are getting.

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