Get More Out of Your Mac with These Cool Accessories

Unwrapping a new computer – especially a shiny new Mac- is always exciting. It is always great to see that sleek screen/computer combo emerging from the box and imagining the possibilities. Apple always designs its products with functionality in mind. That is what makes them so popular with users and lauded by design aficionados everywhere. 

Cool Mac Accessories

Whether using the Mac for business or pleasure (or splitting time between the two) there are a number of cool, functional accessories that can boost that Mac’s performance and usability. Apple, and other companies, offer a range of accessories that offer alternatives to the stock components that come with a Mac. Sometimes it just comes down to personal preference or need. 

Whatever the reason, this article will detail some of the best accessories to get the most from your Mac.

HiRise for Mac

A common issue that many have with Apple displays and iMacs is that they sit a little too low. For some, this might not represent an issue. However, for those who are a little taller or prefer their monitor nice and high, this can represent a real problem. 

HiRise by Apple accessory designer aims to rectify this issue. The HiRise elevates your Apple display or iMac, with six different height settings. The HiRise is compatible with Apple Thunderbolt displays, iMacs and Apple Cinema Displays. It supports Apple products from 20 inches in size, all the way up to 27 inches, accommodating everything in between.

In addition, the base unit of the HiRise provides sleek, hidden storage for all that that clutter that routinely finds its way onto desks. 

  • Many Apple users have issues with the height of their chosen model, whether iMac, Mac Pro or Apple Cinema Displays.
  • The HiRise has six different height settings. 
  • Supports iMac, Apple Thunderbolt and Apple Cinema Displays. 
  • A sleek storage compartment hidden in the base.

Satechi USB Hub

Every computer user has run up against the problem of simply not having enough USB ports. 

No matter how many a computer has, there never seem to be enough. This often means making a choice between which devices to use and which to leave unplugged. In this age of rapidly advancing technology and connectivity, it seems silly to have to make these compromises. 

The Satechi USB Hub rectifies this problem with simple, attractive design. The robust aluminium shell contains four USB 2.0 ports, liberating users from having to make choices about what devices or accessories to use and which to leave unplugged. The 9.5 inches of length makes it convenient and easy to hide if the user so desires. 

Compatible with Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook and Mac Mini, the Satechi USB Hub follows Apple design, so it matches nicely with everything else. 

  • Lack of USB ports is a common problem.
  • The Satechi USB Hub provides four additional USB 2.0 ports.
  • Works with all Apple Mac products. 
  • Designed to match with Apple’s design standards. 

Das Model S Keyboard

For many, the Apple keyboard is either something that people think is amazing or cannot stand. 

For those that are new to the world of Mac computing, the shallow keys and lightweight design can present problems. As many people know, there is nothing worse or likely to sour a computing experience than an uncomfortable keyboard. 

For those seeking an alternative, the Das Model S Keyboard is a good start. The Model S has a nice, chunky feel to it, but still manages to retain a compact, modern design. The keys give a tactile experience more familiar to those who have previously used a PC, but with complete Mac compatibility. 

The Model S has two USB hubs – one 1.1 and the other 2.0 and, at 1.5Kg, has a heavier feel that Mac keyboards tend to have. 

  • Some people – especially those coming from using PCs- find Mac keyboards hard to use.
  • The Das Model S has the familiar, ‘chunky’ feel of a PC keyboard with total Mac functionality. 
  • A weightier, more substantial feel than Most Mac Keyboards. 

G- Drive

Just like USB ports, hard-drive space is often at a premium when it comes to computing – whether at work or at play. In addition, everyone knows that it is a good idea to regularly back up your computer onto a hard drive. To not do is folly and risks losing everything in the event of catastrophic failure. 

G-Technology offers a great solution in the form of the G-Drive. Coming with USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and Firewire 800 connectivity. Offering 2TB of storage space, the G-Drive also features brilliant design. The rounded, aluminium design fits right alongside a Mac. In addition, it comes ready out of the box – simply plug in and use on any Mac operating system. 

  • Space is always in short supply. 
  • It is important to perform regular system backups, especially if the Mac contains important personal or business files. 
  • The G-Drive offers USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and FireWire connectivity. 
  • 2 TB of storage space and robust, stylish aluminium design. 

Elecom Ultra-Compact USB Memory

USB flash drives come in all shapes and sizes, often sticking out like a sore thumb. For those looking for a flash drive that matches up nicely with their Mac, the Elecom Ultra-compact USB is perfect. 

Tiny, but packing in 16GB in the smallest model, it meshes seamlessly with Apple’s designs. So much so, that most people will not even notice it. Wiith its size, looks and storage, this is a perfect companion for anyone moving files on the fly. 

  • Designed to perfectly match Apple products.
  • Small with considerable storage.
  • A great alternative to ugly, utilitarian USB drives. 

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