If you run a business, the most likely way for a virus to make its way onto your systems is through human error – that means your employees. You can never reduce the risk of your computers catching a virus to zero, but there are a few rules you can implement to make it less likely:

1) No memory sticks, SD cards or external hard drives that haven’t been pre-approved

You can’t control what your employees do at home – and what they do might include accidentally downloading viruses. Make sure that they don’t spread to office computers by banning any devices holding files apart from those which have been pre-approved – it might seem inflexible, but it’s the best way to keep computers safe.

2) Use a firewall to block illegal download sites

There are few places you’re more likely to pick up a virus than an illegal torrenting website. Films, TV shows, music and books available to download are liberally sprinkled with nasty viruses hidden in their midst, so make sure your firewall is up-to-date and protects against all the main offenders, then ensure your employees know there will be strict penalties if anyone is found torrenting at work.

3) Install an antivirus program

Prevention is better than cure, but if you can’t cure it, at least you can make sure you spot it quickly. A good security system will find and remove viruses fast, and you don’t even have to pay for it. Avast and several other reputable open-source programs are available to download for free.

4) Make sure employees know what phishing looks like

It might sound self-explanatory, but make sure your employees know what a phishing email looks like and more importantly, that they know never to click on it!

There you go. Four very basic first rules to avoid viruses and to keep your computer network protected and clean.


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