A year after an announcement of project Quantum – an engine for Firefox Browser – the development lost its status of closed testing. Now it is a beta version of a new Firefox browser version 57, a tool for web-surfing on the entirely new level. To distinguish this build from the rest of versions of Firefox browser, version 57 was given a codename – Firefox Quantum.


In comparison with last year release, version 52, Firefox Quantum demonstrates almost double speed. At the moment this Internet browser is only available as an app under development, but anyone who uses Windows, iOS, or Android can give it a run. The full version of the app will be released on the 14th of November 2017.


According to Mozilla, the main feature of Firefox Quantum is that it utilises multi-core processor arrangement. That means that rendering of a web page happens in several cores at the same time, which saves the precious seconds of time loading the page. Global changes touched CSS engine as well. Now, the currently open tab has a priority over the rest. Another important point is that Quantum uses 30% less RAM than the competitors.


Additionally, a number of minor improvements were made on Photon interface including adaptation for high DPI screens and automatic scaling for sensor input. All the improvements allow users to dive into the Web with much more comfort.


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