Not everyone waits until a big notification that their computer was encrypted pops up on their screens. Quite a number of people came into our London computer repair service to scan their computers for malware simply because they have noticed something odd and knowing into what it can turn they prefered to act early rather than late. Who would think that a company that promotes internet privacy and security, Mozilla, could decide to install things without users’ permission.


Users reported an unusual add-on, Looking Glass, popping up on their Firefox internet browser. In its description was only one creepy sentence “MY REALITY IS JUST DIFFERENT FROM YOURS”. Seeking for some explanation people spreaded it all over social networks. It reached TechCrunch, a leading technology madia property, and they decided to analyse it. It as discovered that Looking Glass 1.0.3 barely  contained anything in this add-on, which only added confusion: if it is not malware, who and for what reason installed this on people’s devices.


Turned out Looking Glass was a promotional campaign for Mr.Robot, aTV series about the life of a cybersecurity engineer/hacker. The next version of the add-on, 1.0.4, confirmed it. Later Mozilla apologised and moved Looking glass to Add-On store.


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