Finding the Most Durable iPad Case

As advanced as iPads are – and they continue to advance, seemingly on a monthly basis – they still have one major drawback. Relying entirely on touchscreen technology means a big, vulnerable screen that requires protection, with sometimes the smallest impact causing big problems. Let alone an unprotected iPad falling from someone’s hands onto a pavement or hard floor, which is enough to send shudders down the spine of iPad users everywhere.   

Protect your iPad 

Because iPads take up an increasingly important place in people’s lives and are not cheap, their users are constantly searching for the perfect means of protection.  This means the market for iPad cases is extremely well populated and varies significantly in quality. This article will look at some of the best and provide something to fit every taste. 

RokLock iPad Case

Sporting a chunky, futuristic exterior, the RokLock definitely has the looks. However, this is not a case of style over substance, as it also has the science to back up the robust design. 

Constructed from polycarbonate, an extremely tough material that can definitely handle the rough-and-tumble of daily office and home life, it looks as if it could very well stop a bullet, let alone resist an occasional case of the butterfingers. Yours for around £40, this is a very sturdy case with a design that has a nice, substantial feel to it. 

Griffin Survivor iPad Case

The Survivor from Griffin is so sturdy that, in the event of a nuclear war, it could very well just be cockroaches and Griffin Survivor cases left. Coming in at just under £30, it is also great value. The under layer of the case makes use of the familiar polycarbonate, which is then covered in silicone. Griffin does not do things by halves, and for the Survivor they actually consulted the U.S Department of Defense.

Using the DoD’s rigorous testing standards – which goes by the snappy name of Mil-Std 810G – the Survivor goes through the same levels of testing that the US Military uses on their own equipment. 

The case seals every possible route that moisture or dust could use to infiltrate the phones and, at the same time, protects against big and small bumps, vibration and anything else you care to throw at it. 

G-Form Extreme Portfolio iPad Case

Coming in at £29.99 the Extreme Portfolio offers amazing protection. It almost has the look of body armour, with its sculpted, thick design. 

When held normally, the Extreme Portfolio has a flexible, soft feel but, once an impact strikes, it becomes hard and protects the precious iPad within. G-Form dubs this, ‘Reactive Protection technology’ –RPT for short. The Extreme Portfolio is waterproof, light at just over 500 grams and offers amazing protection. 

Hard Candy Shockdrop iPad Case

The Shockdrop has a great Tron-esque look to it, with a nice contrast between the grey and orange colour scheme. The recessed design gives it a very nice, hardy look and feel and, in addition, makes it easy to grip and carry the device. 

As for protection, the main body of the Hard Candy Shockdrop is a hardwearing rubber, with 10-millimetre silicon at the corner. Falling onto a corner – because all of that force impact on a small area – is often disastrous for iPads. The silicone buffers of the Shockdrop eliminate this worry. 

The screen, too, receives ample protection. The screen protector allows for total functionality and, at the same time, completely protects against scratches and other mishaps. 

The Hard Candy Shockdrop comes in at around £20 and provides amazing protection for the price. 

Gumdrop Drop Tech iPad Case

Costing about £40, the Drop Tech from Gumdrop has a somewhat subtle look but gets the job done. Offering two layers of durable protection, the Drop Tech promises protection against impacts, shocks and extreme conditions. 

The corners have the now-familiar reinforced protection, combatting those horrendous corner impacts and the construction looks somewhat like the outer shell of a beetle, with a ridged, interlocking design. 

Coming in a variety of colours, the Gumdrop Drop Tech also features an integrated screen cover, which does not inhibit iPad functionality in any way. The covering also protects those important ports, so no sand, dust or moisture can invade. With one eye firmly on use in extreme, challenging conditions, the Drop Tech is a no-nonsense quality piece of kit.

Ballistic Tough jacket iPad Case

Sporting a sober, chic design, the Tough Jacket from Ballistic has three different layers of protection. 

Perhaps more fitted for the work place than some of its competitors, the Tough Jacket has a boxy, sleek look to it. Its discreet appearance make it great for use at the office, but offers enough protection to make sure it survives any environment. Using it, for example, on a bust construction site should not result in any problems at all.

The Tough Jacket has raised lips running around its entire length, meaning that the vulnerable screen never comes to rest on any potentially damaging surfaces. Robust corner protectors are all present and correct. The Tough Jacket does just what it says – it provides a tough outer skin for your iPad. Costing around £40, the Ballistic Tough Jacket delivers great looks and protection for a price cheaper than expected. 

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