The consumer interest towards traditional computer form factors, such as desktop and laptop, is in continuous decline year after year. As a consequence, computer production is no longer a source of big income for many participants on the market. It is quite natural that many big companies that used to rely on this income in the past withdraw from the projects and cut their investments in PC production today. According to this article by CRN, some tremendous changes are coming for Intel’s partner who benefited from Intel Inside program. The project, that general public often associates with the stickers on the laptops and computers, is actually a very important financial source and other forms of support from Intel for OEM-producers.

According to the comments received by CRN from the management of several partners of Intel, financial support of Intel Inside program will be reduced by 40% to 60%. Without a doubt, it will affect the amount of investments going into marketing campaigns from PC manufacturers and also the cost of the systems based on Intel processors.

Perhaps, is it the right time to upgrade your old computer while the prices are relatively low. You can always get a little bit more for your investment by selling your old PC.

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