Dynamic Lock, a smart way to lock a Windows PC

Windows Hello saw the daylight together with Windows 10 a while ago. It is an enterprise-grade security feature that allows you to log in to the computer using face recognition or fingerprint scanner. If you actively use Windows Hello and have been missing automatic lock of your PC while you are away, we have some good news for you. The feature that new insider’s build offers is called Dynamic Lock. It monitors the user’s presence, and, in case if user popped out, it locks the desktop until he returns.

Dynamic Lock

Insider’s build № 15002 contains this new Dynamic Lock feature. Apparently, Microsoft developers tend to call it Windows Goodbye, because the feature has an opposite function to Windows Hello. It does not unlock the computer in a presence of the user but locks it when the user is away. In its best traditions, it takes Microsoft one and a half years to introduce the function of undoing. Dynamic Lock may become an extremely useful feature in a corporate environment. Workers quite frequently need to leave their work desks leaving computers and contained sensitive data exposed.

At this stage, it is unknown what kind of information Dynamic Lock will be collecting to determine whether the user is present or away. It may simply lock the PC after 15 minutes of inactivity. However, it may also be more dynamic and support the same spectrum of tools that Windows Hello does. Yet, it is known that Dynamic lock does not lock the desktop immediately after users departure, so it does not annoy the people who need to turn away from their computers frequently.  


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