Dr.Web announced a new product Dr.Web Light 11.0.0 for macOS. In this product, the company introduced plenty of changes and improvements. It’s reported, that the solution employs an absolutely new concept of user interface. Instead of usual main window, the user from now one will only see a taskbar agent, which will harmoniously work alongside other processes without ever leaving boundaries of the taskbar. The necessary information will be displayed in a pop-up bubble.


In Dr.Web Light 11 all sub-systems were optimised. As a result, the specialists registered an increase in performance and decrease in resources consumption, meaning the rest of the programs runs faster that before. The solution protects the computer from viruses and malicious software using the latest technologies from Dr.Web. The built-in scanner is able to check the system and neutralise any identified threats. There is also a protection against unidentified threats that is provided by heuristic analysers.


As impressive it may sound, Light version has its drawbacks in comparison to the full version of the security solution for macOS. Dr.Web Light cannot provide full capabilities of fail monitoring and threat elimination, as it lacks capability to utilise superuser rights.


With release of Dr.Web Light 11 for macOS, the company also ceases the support of Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8.


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