Details to consider when upgrading your office systems

There’s a generational shift taking place within the PC market. Intel Skylake processors are arriving in new Microsoft, Dell, HP and Apple systems, plus those of most other vendors. These processors are faster and more efficient, and run with the latest operating systems, Windows 10 and Mac OS X El Capitan, in mind.

However, before you consider upgrading your office systems to these new machines that will help your workers be more productive and mobile, you need to consider several key issues.

Mobility vs upgradability

Many businesses like to equip their workers with notebook PCs so they can work at home or on the go. With the rise in cloud computing, cloud services, data portability, and bring your own device (BYOD) there is now less need to buy these costly notebooks, when a low-cost desktop will work fine. Desktops are less expensive and easier to upgrade, so they reduce the need to buy new equipment regularly. Desktops are also easier and faster to repair, and provide bigger screens, reducing eye strain and increasing multitasking. They have also moved on from the monolithic desktop tower and now come in stylish micro-cases or all-in-one units with built-in screens.

If you do go the notebook route, there is the security of your highly portable data to consider. Notebooks must be well protected, with the latest models offering thumbprint security. Virtual private network access and cloud services with secure log-ins can protect your business data. But it only takes one theft, a weak password or a successful phishing attack, and your data can be compromised. Drilling proper data and internet security practices into staff is essential, as is having enterprise class protection, whatever your business size.

With all that data in the cloud, there is also disaster recovery and archiving to consider. Your business needs to ensure it can access its data at any time, so if the cloud service fails, or your office is flooded or loses power, people can still access contacts and documents, and carry on working.

We can provide advice on all these solutions, with computer support across London, to ensure your company is suitably protected should the worst happen, and to ensure your cloud and PC systems remain running and available. We also offer Apple Mac repairs as well as virus removal, screen repairs and other services.

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