Creators Update was installed on 18% of Windows 10 computers

Creators Update distribution started on the 11th April, slightly over a month and a half ago. According to AdDuplex, a cross-promotion network for Windows Store apps, on the 22nd of May 2017, update number 1703 was detected on 18% of PCs running Windows 10. At the first glance, it may appear that it isn’t much. However, a month ago the number was 9,8%. That means that for the following 4 weeks the number doubled.

The majority still prefers Windows 10 version 1607, so-called Anniversary Update. Windows 10 version 1511 uses only 4,6% and original Windows 10, which is, by the way, is no longer supported, – 1,6%.

Yet, for somebody who’s not keeping up-to-date with news, it was difficult to miss the release of Creators Update. The message about the update is displayed in Windows Update window, which suggests you go to Microsoft’s website and manually download an upgrade assistant.

Why bother?

Now you can enjoy that crappy graphics app, Paint, in a whole new dimension – meet Paint 3D. But on a serious note, there are some pretty cool features too. Windows 10 enhances gaming experience: Game bar, GameDVR,  broadcasting, and Game Mode makes processing more productive and experience more pleasurable. Edge gets tabs, new extensions, bookstore and reading add-ons, and Cortana gets more updates. For people, who cares about own eyesight, finally, there is a Night Mode. And most importantly, a number of security features are there to protect you.

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